CNC Punching TruPunch 1000

Working Area: 3000(x) X 1650(y) mm
Speed:X axis:100 m/min Y axis: 60m/min
Tool change time:<3s
Accuracy: Positioning:±0.1 mm Repeatability:±0.03mm

CNC Press Accurpress 516042

Press:1600 KN
Max. bed-press beam distance:632 mm
Eff. Open height:535 mm
Bending length: 4080 mm
Throat: 410 mm
Max. speeds:
Y rapid speed: 150 mm / s
Y operating speed: 1-10 mm / s
Y return speed: 135 mm / s


Stroke:X:3000mm Y:1500mm Z:1000mm
Positioning accuracy:0.002(mm)
measurement accuracy : (1.4 + 3.0L/1000)μm

SAW automatic welding system

Workpiece material:Carbon steel, stainless steel
Orbit length:10000 mm
Maximum welding vessel diameter:4000 mm
Workpiece wall thickness:≥8mm
Welding speeds:200 – 2000 mm / min
Automatic seam tracking system
Tracking range:X/Y200mm
Tracking speed:250mm/min
Accuracy:±0.25 mm /
Max. Current:450 A
Power supply:LINCOLN

Painting Room

Beveling machine

Effective Beveling machine length 10500 mm
Processing steel plate thickness 6-100mm
Beveling machine angle -45-60o
Beveling machine speed 100-1000mm/min
Beveling machine power head speed 0-960r/min variable frequency stepless speed regulation

Plate Bending Machine

Diameter of Bottom Roll:300mm
Diameter of Bottom Roll:300mm
Diameter of Two Side Rolls:230mm
Rolls Length 2550mm
Installed Power:25HP
Max. Rolling Speed:5 m/min

Pressure Testing Room

Blasting Machine

Max dimension (mm) : 2500×6000